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Trading Cloud Technology: Working with Clients Around the World!

“Quantitative Trading Methods That Lead To Passionate Designs”

Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your goals as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support for them. In addition, TCT constantly offers free updates with our strategies and mentorship webinars for clients to raise the bar on your financial education.

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Endless Possibilities: Strategies That Perform With
Versatile or Automated Methods!

“Our Strategies powerful methods and signals give clients the options to create any style of trading with one simple approach, yet its packed with cutting edge technology”




Incredible Strategies: Join Our Members Room For A Live Free Trial!

Join our members room and visualize with our specialist the dynamics and mechanics
of our Q Formula and Hybrid X2 strategies in live markets. Everyday we interact with the
E-Mini S&P, Crude, E-Mini Dow, and Gold.

Our Signals Are Directed To Fit Your Needs!

Our strategy mechanics are based on the Volatility and Derivative movements that compute price action movements within our Algorithm. Every signal will be rule based and controlled by our risk management settings within our ATM strategies. A simple yet advanced feature of our strategies is our strategy methodology that we apply to every entry and exit. This feature will excel the computations to keep you in the market during the highest volatile times and exit on higher risk scenarios, in which prepares the trader for the next best amplified entry.

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User Reviews: Clients That Work With Our Specialists Everyday

We are fully dedicated to our user base. When you become a partner of our community there is no need to worry about customer support. With users around the world we have proven that we can handle the needs of our clients.

“See what our clients are saying about Trading Cloud Technology!”

I had wanted to take a good course in financial trading for a long time, but could not find one which could actually teach “from the inside of markets perspective”. Jason’s passion for trading is incredible! It has been really awesome to be able to be part of his trading room. He transfers his great technical knowledge to the members and keeps us interested with his mentoring.
David, TCT Member
Once again, I have been really impressed by the very high standard in teaching trading strategies of Jason Medeiros. The lessons are extremely well structured and easy to follow. I am absolutely delighted with the training received. The TCT training course was far superior to the other providers. The video library was available 24/7 for my educational needs.
Brent, TCT Member
I would like to take a moment to thank Jason Medeiros for making a difference in my trading. I noticed a great improvement on how to interpret market action. The support I received from him is incredible. He provides members with an honest and realistic approach to trading in a most disciplined way. He will give you the tools to trade successfully.
Robert, TCT Member

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